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Chinaberry Tree – a NON-native to avoid

This is a shot of the Chinaberry Tree displaying its winter interest — the dried berries which are a golden tan color and remain all through the winter here in North Central Texas.


While these trees can look quite spectacular against a leaden winter sky, they are not native to the United States and have become quite invasive in the Southern states. They crowd out native trees, drop their blooms and seeds freely, and the birds distribute those seeds everywhere they go.

Unfortunately, the Chinaberry Tree is still sold in nurseries — even though it is listed as an invasive species at

It’s latin name is Melia azedarach and it is known by quite a few other common names including Bead Tree, Pride of India, Pride of China, Umbrella Tree,  and Persian Lilac.

At Burk’s Nursery & Garden, we will never sell the Chinaberry Tree because it is a non-native and because it is also invasive in Texas. We highly recommend that you avoid buying or planting this tree and — if you already have it in your landscape — we strongly suggest you remove it, or have it removed.

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