Landscape Design for DIY Homeowners with a Large Project

A New Way to Think About Your Outdoor Space

How crazy is it that to keep your landscape under control you have to constantly cut plants back? And do you know how much you spend to do it?

Let’s say a mow & blow is $50 per service every 2 weeks, plus $5 for every shrub you have that has to be carved into some random shape. Then add the hedge on your property line with 20 shrubs in it — and that’s another $100 you have spend about 4 times a year.

Your total?… $1600 every year to keep your rectangle of lawn manicured and your shrubs cut to a shape and size that looks like all the other lawns and shrubs in your neighborhood.

If you do it this way for 10 years, you’ll spend $16,000!!

Don’t you want to KEEP that money
instead of paying to cut plants back?

Transform your yard into a sustainable landscape and STOP the craziness.**

**BTW, you can do some fantastic landscaping for $16,000!

So, whether you have an older home with an existing landscape, or a new home that needs to have better landscaping installed, getting help from a professional landscape designer means you:

  • Save money
  • Solve problems in your outdoor space
  • Get the guidance you need for a large project
  • Save time
  • Avoid failure
  • Get the knowledge you need to succeed as a gardener
  • Get the yard you really want!

Save Money

As a DIY homeowner, you’ll obviously save money on labor because you’ll build and install everything yourself. And the savings don’t end there — you’ll also avoid wasting your money on:

  • Non-native plants that end up struggling or dying
  • Poorly-adapted plants that require constant tending, feeding, and pest control to stay alive
  • Plants labeled “Proven” or “for Texas” that won’t do well here in DFW

We steer clear of poorly-adapted, non-native plants; instead, we’ll offer you choices of beautiful native plants of Texas, the Southern U.S., and Northeastern Mexico. We’ll also introduce you to plants from other places in the world that will perform fantastically right here in North Central Texas.

All of the plants we recommend are perfectly suited to our frequent summer drought conditions, so you’ll save money on your water bill — and still enjoy a landscape of plants that are alive, green, and blooming.

You’ll save money over the long term, too, because your professional landscape design will include long-lasting perennials — many of which are evergreen — and that means you don’t have to replace annual plants every season.

Although replacing annuals seasonally is a common practice used by many DFW landscapers (and by homeowners, too), this is not a design option that we will present to you. There are just too many great plants that will THRIVE on your property year after year, rather than having to be replaced each season. So… that money stays IN YOUR POCKET.

Solve Problems in Your Outdoor Space

  • Have you had it with looking out the window at your blank backyard and boring fence?
  • Sick and tired of the grass burrs in your yard?
  • Want to go out back and have some privacy from the neighbors?
  • Are you overrun every spring by volunteer trees and don’t know what to do about them?
  • Got a place where nothing will grow, and you’re WAY tired of looking at it?

You will get answers and solutions to these kinds of problems when you work with us. When we come to your home and walk your property, you can point out things that frustrate you about your outdoor space. This is when you tell us what you want to see instead, and we’ll work to create unique, personal solutions for you and your family.

On top of that, you’ll be more empowered to deal with your landscape because you’ll have our professional expertise in your corner for answering questions that come up while we’re working together on your project.

Get the guidance you need for a large project

So, you’ve considered it a while and have made the decision to add a pergola to your back yard. You also want flowering plants and — if possible — some winter interest. And you think you’d like some herbs and tomato plants so you can grill using your own fresh produce.  BUT you don’t want to add a lot of care and maintenance to your schedule just because you’ve added more plants to your landscape.

Not only will we guide you through the plant selection process — making sure you have easy-care, water-wise plants around your new outdoor space — we’ll also provide recommendations and guidance as you navigate your large project.

When we work with you to create a landscape design plan that involves a large DIY structure (your pergola, for example) or a hardscape (like a patio or retaining wall), we’ll be there to help you consider and decide:

  • how you will use your new outdoor space
  • how you will access it from different places in your yard
  • how foot traffic should flow through — or around — your new structure or hardscape

We’ll also point out:

  • drainage issues and whether it’s time to consult a drainage specialist
  • issues of grade or slope, which may need to be addressed by a registered Texas landscape architect
  • features that may require obtaining a City permit, or must be installed by a licensed Texas contractor

When you’re ready to get started on a large DIY landscaping project, it’s very easy to get the steps out of order, or to move too fast.  We’ll make sure you have the answers you need for critical issues of timing, such as:

  • when to purchase materials and bring them on your property
  • how and when to create “workspaces” as a permanent part of your landscape
  • when maintenance should be performed on specimen trees, large shrubs, or your lawn
  • proper techniques for building or working on root zones of large trees

We’ve also got the expertise to advise you about costs and types of materials, installation techniques, equipment for your project, and other critical matters that will save you time, and enable you to complete your large project efficiently and excellently.

Save Time

If you decide to build an outdoor structure or hardscape and create a new outdoor space without a professional landscape designer’s guidance and expertise, YOU will need to:

  • research design principles
  • analyze your property’s current assets and liabilities
  • decide how you want to use your outdoor space
  • research options and methods for creating pathways, edgings, arbors, or other structural features
  • shop around for suppliers, prices and equipment

To create a high quality, professional landscape design yourself, you’ll need to consider, research, and carefully plan all of these matters in precise detail — before you ever set foot inside a nursery to look at plants.

In fact, if you try to do your own landscaping, the biggest mistake you can make is to skip making a detailed, landscape plan and just start buying plants.

Because the underlying design is SO vital to the beauty and unity of your outdoor space, selecting plants is one of the very LAST steps in a large landscape project.

And there are literally billions of plants! Which ones should you pick? Which shade tree will grow best in your yard? Although lovely — and recommended by some DFW nurseries — will a Blue Spruce really survive even one of our sizzling Texas summers? And what about that gorgeous lily that says it’s “for Texas”? Does that mean Amarillo, DFW, San Antonio, or Brownsville??? Texas is a BIG state, with tremendous variation in climate!

It’s true: you could spend your time researching all these topics and questions and create your landscape design plan yourself.

Or you can invest in a landscape designer and — instead — spend your time on other activities you enjoy. Meanwhile, we’ll work out the details, do the research, and provide you with great options and helpful information specific to your yard and how you want to use your outdoor space.

Basically, when you work with us, you can skip spending months (or years) figuring everything out just to get started on your landscape project. Instead, you can get started right away, and avoid delays in creating the outdoor space you want!

Avoid Failure

Unfortunately, we see landscape design failures all the time:

  • Spindly, light-starved roses in a spot where they don’t get enough sun
  • Raised beds built around tree trunks
  • Shade-loving plants forced to broil in full sun next to a driveway or sidewalk
  • Improperly installed in-ground patios (that look terrible!)
  • Plants randomly installed, without a clear plan or design
  • Drainage issues caused by lack of planning when a large structural feature or hardscape was created
  • Poorly-adapted plants gasping for water in the middle of a Texas summer
  • Trees and large shrubs planted too near the house

You can avoid these common failures, and we’re ready to help you!

When you take us on a tour of your property, we’ll point out issues like these and explain what you can do to fix them. You’ll be amazed how well your Cast Iron plant does when you move it to a shady spot, or what wonderful blooms you get when you plant your roses where they get at least 6 hours of direct sun each day!

And, when we work together to create a landscape design plan for your yard, you will not only avoid failures like those we already mentioned, you’ll also steer clear of:

  • plants that are invasive in Texas
  • non-native plants that require constant tending, feeding, and pest control
  • “cookie-cutter” landscaping that looks like most of the other yards on your street
  • replacing annuals every season
  • overused plants that are ugly, hard to maintain, or that have a short bloom period

Get the Knowledge You Need to Succeed as a Gardener

One of the best things about working with us is that you’ll start learningright away! — the things you need to know to tend your landscape and keep it looking its best.

Our time together during the consultation on your property is your first opportunity to start picking up tips, guidance, and recommendations.

When we come to your home for a consultation, the first thing we do is walk as much of your property as you want us to see. As we go, we’ll point out specific things you can do to start improving your landscape immediately.

For example, let’s say you have a small tree that isn’t doing well, and you don’t know why. Your “tree” may actually be a shrub that’s never been pruned and desperately needs to be cut back so it can be happy, healthy, and attractive. Simple fixes like this instantly improve the look of your landscape and the overall health of your plants.

Get the yard you really want!

The biggest benefit to you as a DIY homeowner is that we will ask you questions that you don’t know to ask yourself about what you want.

As we consult with you, and work together on your project, we’ll help you figure out whether it’s more important to you to have a relaxing oasis to enjoy when you get home from work, or whether you want a vibrant outdoor “room” where you can hang out every weekend with friends and family.

Are you considering selling your house at some point in the future and curb appeal is a big issue to you? Do you want to create a place where you can grow veggies and herbs? Do you love roses but you’ve been afraid to grow them because you’ve heard they’re “difficult” and “disease-prone”? Have you always wanted a butterfly garden but don’t know what plants you need?

To sum it up, we’ll pick your brain to discover the things you care the most about and then incorporate as many of them as possible into your landscape design plan.

We work hard so we can hear you say:
“Wow! That’s just what I wanted!!

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