Yes! I want to schedule a consultation and start working with you on my new landscape project.

The details of my project are submitted below,
and I understand that the following process is what I can expect
after I complete and submit my information.

  1. You will review my request form as soon as possible to see if I’m a good fit for this service. No later than 3 business days after I submit my form, you will email me to set up a time to talk together on the phone.
  2. When the scheduled call takes place, I will be prepared to spend 30-60 minutes talking with you so you can be absolutely sure that taking me on as a client is the best fit for the project I have in mind.
  3. If it becomes clear as we talk that I am looking for something different from the service you offer, we will end the call and I owe nothing.
  4. If we decide we are a good fit to work together, several things will happen:
    1. We will schedule a date and time for the walk-through and consultation on my property and you will ask for my home address.
    2. I will be billed via PayPal for $100.00, which is one-fifth of the total consultation fee.* I understand that this is a non-refundable fee.
    3. You will request pictures of my property so you can do preliminary research concerning my existing plants and trees, any problem areas on my property, and similar matters.
  5. I understand that the walk-through and consultation will be scheduled 1 to 2 weeks following our phone call, and that I must make getting pictures of my property to you a top priority so you have time to review and research before we meet in person during the consultation.
  6. I also understand that:
    1. you will reschedule the consultation for a later date and time if I delay in getting pictures to you
    2. you may need additional pictures from me in order to do your advance work and research.
    3. you will not begin any work on my project until the $100.00 non-refundable fee is paid and you have received notice of the payment from PayPal.
  7. The day before the scheduled consultation I will receive a second PayPal invoice for $400.00, which is the balance of the consultation fee. I understand that I can wait to pay this balance until after you have arrived at my home for the walk-through and consultation.
  8. If I decide for any reason that I do not want to proceed further with my project, I will not owe anything beyond the $500.00 fee (which I will have already paid, as detailed above).
  9. If we decide we are a good fit to work together, and I want to move forward with you as my landscape designer, I understand that you will prepare a price quote covering the scope of my entire project and that I will have the opportunity to review and approve the quote before I am billed anything further.

*I understand that alternate payment arrangements are acceptable, and that we can discuss this during our phone call. I also understand that providing payment by cash or money order may necessitate a longer period of time before the walk-through and consultation can be scheduled.


My contact information and the complete details
of my project are as follows:

List the fertilizers/herbicides/pesticides you use on your garden & lawn
What structure/hardscape do you want to build/install?
Do you already have plans created, materials chosen or purchased for building/installing it?