Do I qualify for a free personal garden guidance session with you?

In my request form below, I’ve provided specifics about me as a gardener,the types of fertilizers and herbicides I use on my yard, and what I want to accomplish in my landscape.

I understand that you will review my information and email me within 3 business days to let me know if I qualify for a free personal garden guidance session.


1.    If I am definitely not qualified, you will let me know by email; however, you may decide to set up a phone call to get clarification from me if the information I submit leaves you questioning the kind of gardener I am (or want to become). I understand that if you email me to set up a phone call it does NOT automatically mean I qualify for a free garden guidance session.

2.   If you schedule a phone call with me, I will be prepared to spend up to 30 minutes talking with you so you can determine whether I am a good fit as a personal garden guidance client.

3.   If is clear that I am qualified because I am an organically-minded gardener, and that I understand the importance of sustainability and using native and well-adapted plants on my property — or that I want to become this kind of gardener — you will:

  • email me to set a day and time for my free personal garden guidance session;
  • ask for my address, request pictures of my home and yard, and email paperwork for me to read and sign before we work together; and
  • start an email conversation with me by asking detailed questions about things like: how long I’ve owned my home; my current landscaping; my joys and frustrations with my yard; the top five areas I want to work on to improve my landscape; and other related design and DIY improvement questions.

4.   I understand that my free garden guidance session will be scheduled 2 to 3 weeks from the day you contact me to set up the session, and that I must make getting pictures of my property to you a top priority so you have time to review and research before we meet in person to work together. I also understand that:

  • you will reschedule the consultation for a later date and time if I delay in getting pictures to you;
  • you may need additional pictures from me in order to do your advance work and research; and
  • we will continue to dialog by email until you have a thorough understanding of (for example) how you can help me improve as a gardener, the things in my yard that I like and those that frustrate me, and what I would like to accomplish in my landscape as we work together.

5.   Prior to my free garden guidance session, we will work together by email to create an agenda for the session. During the session, if there is time remaining after we work on the agenda items, I understand that I can use any remaining time to ask questions or discuss other topics we covered during our earlier email conversations.

6.   In addition to the two hours of hands-on instruction I receive during my free garden guidance session, you will also email me notes from the session so I have the information on-hand for future reference. I can expect to receive the notes 1-2 business days after my free session takes place.

7.   On the first day of the next month following my free session, you will automatically invoice me through PayPal for $399 as payment for my first full month of personal garden guidance. If I wish to proceed right away working with you on my landscape, plants, and projects, I simply pay the invoice, and you will email me within 2 business days to schedule a day and time for the first of my two personal garden guidance sessions for that month.

8.   If I prefer to wait before continuing to work with you (or if I don’t want to proceed), I can email you to let you know, and I will owe nothing for that month.

9.   Once I have paid the first invoice, I will be invoiced through PayPal for $399 on the first day of each month thereafter. If I cancel or suspend service (as detailed below), I understand that I am still entitled to all the benefits and features of the current full month of garden guidance for which I have already paid. I also understand that once I have paid an invoice for a month of personal garden guidance my payment — in its entirety — is non‑refundable.

  1. If I want to cancel, I can do so at any time by email.
  2. If I want to suspend work for a period of time (for Spring Break, summer vacation, or the holidays, for example), I can email you to let you know when I want to stop and when I would like to resume, and you will invoice me through PayPal to start my service again.


My contact information and details
about my personal approach to gardening
and yard care are as follows

List the fertilizers/herbicides/pesticides you use on your garden & lawn
Describe your level of gardening experience
How many hours per week do you spend working on your yard & garden?
Describe the top 5 things you want to accomplish in your yard