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Purple Heart – a winner in sun or shade!


The tiny lavender-pink blooms of Purple Heart (Setcreasea pallida) add charm and whimsy to the spring, summer and fall Texas garden.

This variety (above) has deep purple stalks and foliage with a lavender-pink blossom. Although Purple Heart will usually die back to the ground after a hard freeze, I have seen it bloom during our milder winters, especially if you have it in a location where it gets protection from north winds and can get good sun (4-6 hours a day) during the colder months.

Purple Heart will do well in sun or partial shade, but needs at least a few hours of direct or dappled sun each day to thrive. The solid purple variety (above) will be a deeper purple when in a shadier location. The color lightens to a medium purple when in a full sun spot in the garden.

The other variety we grow and offer for sale is green and purple variegated with the same charming lavender-pink flower.


The variegated Purple Heart also does well in either full sun or partial shade. The variegation will be more green when it gets lots of sun and more purple when it gets mostly shade.

Both varieties of Purple Heart do well in containers for the patio, and in hanging baskets. Although it is non-native, it is well-adapted for North Central Texas, is not invasive, and adds interesting color and texture to your garden or outside living area.

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